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Welcome to Business Partners, home of the most effective and helpful business partner network on the Web or anywhere else! With our huge proprietary database and efficient tools, you'll be able to find the highest quality business investment opportunities in today's market. And for the entrepreneur, this is the best place to secure money for starting a business with our extensive directory of investors. Our affordable membership entitles you to a business partner search that will allow you to find great opportunities, new streams of sales leads, start up capital for small business ventures and a wealth of information. All of the essential details, as well as a listing of success stories from growing businesses, can be found on our easy to navigate website. Bookmark our site today, because there's a lot to see and learn. Please take some time to explore our site now and read all about the benefits that await you with our premium membership!

Business Partners is a global Internet based service that connects Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Early Stage Companies, and Established Corporations with Angel Investors, Venture Capital Firms, Venture Capital Sources, Investment Funds, Investment Banks, Corporate Investors, Potential Business Partners, Strategic Alliances, Businesses for Sale, Business Consultants, and target data for Mergers and Acquisitions.