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We know that to be successful in today's world it's not always what you know it's who you know and more importantly "who is your partner! Face it there would be no Apple without the partnership of Steve & Woz! We believe there is a little Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in all of us, its finding the right partner to help us unlock our potential is the key!

BusinessPartners is a business only entrepreneur driven private social network that was designed around connecting people with the right potential business partners.

Underneath the code we are a team of dedicated people who LOVE helping people connect to create, build and grow new and existing businesses! Yes, Grow!

How it Works

Through our Proprietary Patent Pending partner match process not found anywhere else on the planet, "here's some of the secret sauce": Thousands of member profiles are categorized and scientifically filtered by primary goal, location, industry, skill set and personality. These data sets are tagged and sent off to each user's profile page as partner suggestions. You can change your future with a single click! Think of it like a dating site for entrepreneurs where the goal is business success.

Value Added

In addition to finding partners we provide our service providers with sales leads driven by algorithmic data dissemination by industry and skill set! We try to help you succeed in our DNA!

How we keep it safe:

  • Every partner has to verify their address.
  • Every partner has to verify their phone number.
  • Every partner has to verify their email address.
  • Every partner is required to sign in with their real name. Just like in person.

Our website is protected by password and encrypted by128 bit encryption & HTTPS.

We hope to inspire each BusinessPartners member to be honest, compassionate and accurate.

Privacy & Safety

Online privacy is always necessary. BusinessPartners makes it safer to partner online. By verifying each data set we help insure you know who you are communicating with. We never share your personal info with advertisers!