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The Business Partners story from our Founder:

I had always believed in the power of partnerships to achieve great things growing up! In school, I remember when paired with a buddy to complete an assignment the outcomes always had greater depth and perspective than work done alone. There was always something that came from two minds working together to achieve one goal! The true power of partnering always made a difference!

After graduating from Boston University I embarked on a career in Real Estate. I Started with selling then my nature of always wanting to get beneath the surface coupled with memories of my grandfather touring me around Brooklyn, showing me the building’s he built literally. (He was a brick-layer, superintendent & builder) I wanted to be a builder too! I was introduced to a developer while I was working for Prudential Florida Realty. I told him I would do anything and would work 60 hours a week for next to nothing if he would teach me the business! I worked both in the field and in an advisory capacity. Quickly I learned how homes were built! The orchestration of building a home to me is like like being a musical conductor. To produce the finest product, requires a multitude of good partnerships! I got my GC (General Contracting) license on the heels of hurricane Andrew the most devastating hurricane ever to hit South Florida. My first week as president of my new company was spent rushing down to Miami to help the relatives of a friend of mine. We wove our way through what looked like war torn streets helping people whose homes were decimated. We helped them cover their roofs and windows (to keep out the elements) and bringing water and food to the stranded victims. We Picked up many renovation jobs and I quickly learned the hard end of the business; emotional clients, overworked insurance adjusters and very little sleep! My friend and I became unintentional partners but partners non the same and business flourished. My first partnership taught me how great partnerships are a dance of sharing responsibilities and allowing for each party’s strengths to shine and weaknesses to be covered! I truly enjoyed both the partnership, helping people and the feeling of accomplishment. Over the course of the next 6 years I built 70+ homes!

The internet was in its infancy and I recognized its power early on! I said to myself one morning self-what’s the single most important key to your success??? Partnerships and capital so timing was such that I was just finishing a 34-unit single family home development in Boynton Beach. I built the site on the premise that connecting people for the sole purpose of creating or building businesses should be what the Internet’s all about. My personality is such that I like helping others and this seemed like a great way to do it in scale!

As the site grew I deepened my understanding of what makes a perfect partnership by researching hundreds of the largest corporations and fastest growing early stage companies that were founded or run by partners. I looked for common themes and researched each partners background, their likes and dislikes. By doing so I found many similarities but common thematic differences. It was on these theories that drove the fine-tuning of our algorithms and the deeper connecting power of BusinessPartners. I remain driven to assist others connect with like-minded yet differing personalities that seem to help the best business partnerships thrive! " has connected hundreds of thousands of partners since our inception. Let us help you find your perfect partner to start, grow or fund your business!"


Greg Berman


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Changing the World One Partnership at a Time!